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The accelerated shift to cloud and challenging cybersecurity environment have packed in a decade’s worth of change in just a few years for Legal Tech leaders. For IT staff charged with adapting to these changes, the technical limitations of delivering network services where and when they are needed are evident. IT teams are busier than ever, and when teams are tied up with day-to-day network management and troubleshooting, it leaves less time for strategic work.

But there’s a way to get more done: Shifting to cloud-managed networking and relying on AI-driven insights and automation to lighten the network management workload with Aruba Central. IT can easily add new capabilities, such as leveraging location-aware services for wayfinding or asset tracking.

Manage Your Network from the Cloud

Aruba Central provides a single point of visibility and control across your organization’s network and continuously learns, troubleshoots and helps optimize the network. You can manage any size network from Aruba Central, and unify management across telework, branch, campus and other network domains and provide proactive insights to diagnose network-impacting issues.

Strengthen Network Security

Moving to cloud-managed networking with Aruba Central can also help strengthen cybersecurity. Aruba’s Zero Trust and SASE frameworks provide a blueprint for a secure network and identity-based access controls that are enforced consistently across your organization.

Let AIOps Lighten the Workload Aruba

Aruba Central’s powerful AIOps and automation capabilities can help IT staff of all skill levels do more with the resources they have. IT teams can spend less time on maintenance and troubleshooting and more time on strategic objectives. Repetitive tasks, such as configuration management, RF optimization, and network troubleshooting can be automated, so that network services may be deployed faster to support mission objectives and to ensure the quality of the ongoing connection.

As-a-Service Eases Capital Investment in Network Modernisation

Qolcom offers organisations turnkey IT services delivered with a pay-as-you-go model. This allows organisations to move from a CAPEX model to a more predictable service experience and an OPEX-based consumption model. Is your Legal firm ready to Accelerate your Digital Transformation for a unified, cloud-managed network? Register here for our round table lunch discussion on 06th July in Blanc Brasserie, Chancery Lane, London or reach out to to learn more!

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Scale your digital transformation with reduced costs through Network-as-a-Service

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Scale your digital transformation with reduced costs through Network-as-a-Service

Discover how to modernise your network infrastructure, with a pay-as-you-go model for the Financial and Professional Services Industry

Chris O'Leary

By Chris O'Leary

May 15 2024 • 1 min read