Accelerate your IT security standards with unified SASE

Build a unified SASE architecture and transform your network to meet the challenges of digital transformation and hybrid working.

The UK’s 2022 National Cyber Strategy highlighted significant cyber resilience challenges across UK organisations. In 2022, there were approximately 2.39 million instances of cybercrime and approximately 49,000 instances of fraud as a result of cybercrime.

These regulations and standards highlight multiple cybersecurity threats including:

1. Malware and ransomware;
2. Phishing and social engineering;
3. Insider threats;
4. Data loss and data breaches;
5. Third party risks;
6. IoT explosion.

With digital transformation and an increasing regulatory environment, HPE Aruba Networking SSE is designed to offer secure access to business applications and accelerate the transition to the modern workplace. It delivers authenticated user access to private applications at the network edge (ZTNA), a secure web gateway (SWG) to safeguard user access to the Internet, and a cloud access security broker (CASB) that enforces policies to protect sensitive data.

It enables organisations to build a unified SASE architecture and meet the challenges of digital transformation and hybrid working to protect SaaS applications and accelerate regulatory compliance efforts. SASE enables IT leaders, security & risk managers to accelerate compliance to regulations and standards such as GDPR. These solutions provide data encryption, secure web access, and ultimately prevent data loss and malware attacks.

Talk to the expert team at Qolcom today, we will guide you to advance your SASE journey.

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