Advance Security, Performance and Operational Efficiency in the Data Centre

For organisations to gain a competitive advantage and remain successful, they must be able to manage growth with ease and be able to rapidly implement new requirements. At the same time, security needs to be constantly enhanced, consistent performance must be ensured, and operational efficiency must be achieved. Increasingly, UK companies are finding that their current data centre environments are not designed for fast, easy, cost-effective service delivery.

Let Qolcom show you how to modernise your data centre to make it fit for today’s challenges thanks to a distributed services architecture, without having to compromise on security.

There is a better way: Distributing intelligent services closer to your applications.

This moves or distributes application and security services so they are close to the applications. Hyperscale cloud providers use this architecture to optimise performance, enhance security and reduce costs. The HPE Aruba data centre networking portfolio is designed to simplify operations and accelerate provisioning; through an integrated IT solution stack that is built to efficiently expedite application and service delivery.

Transformational business benefits include.
✓ Simplify network and security deployment and operation.
✓ Distribute data services closer to applications for secure, streamlined management.
✓ Improve security while limiting appliance scrawl for a lower overall cost.
✓ Optimise network bandwidth, performance, and user experience.
✓ Integrate seamlessly into existing compute, storage, and virtualised IT infrastructure.

Data centre network modernisation requires automation for agility, real-time visibility that facilitates fast troubleshooting and remediation, which in turn supports a more proactive operational posture as well as flexibility to support modern and traditional workloads. There is a strong requirement for extensibility and API-based programmability to integrate with cloud orchestration and management platforms and other data centre infrastructure (compute and storage) as well as with edge environments.

Talk to the team to discover more on the transformational efficiencies of HPE Aruba Networking Data Center solutions and Qolcom.

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Chris O'Leary

By Chris O'Leary

Jan 29 2024 • 1 min read