Aruba makes NaaS a key pillar of company strategy

As network and security functions converge, cloud adoption rates rise, and companies switch up to 5G networks Aruba is redoubling its focus on services.

In a recent article with Computer Weekly, Phil Mottram, Aruba’s executive vice-president expands on the firm’s current strategy, likening it to a triangle with products and services as the base layer and NaaS and AI (Aruba Central) as the sides.

Since the advent of NaaS, Aruba technology has been successfully deployed on several huge contracts. Delivering on the unique challenges posed by these projects has deepened Aruba’s expertise and allowed them to productise and standardise NaaS offerings.

According to Mottram, two types of business display most interest in NaaS – those that are less wedded to owning and maintaining physical equipment and those that face a struggle to fund capital projects. The consumption-based NaaS model is especially suited to sectors like retail.

Though you might expect economics to be the primary reason to consider NaaS, Aruba have found that service is a driving factor.

What Mottram has learned is that, “for the most part, when customers make decisions around NaaS, they consider things that we’ve dealt with, like the service we provide and what aspects of the network we can manage for them. So, while the commercial aspects are interesting, because obviously every customer wants a good deal, what we find in most conversations is that they’re more interested when they understand what we can do together with their team”.

This tallies with our experience here at Qolcom. When it comes to Network as a Service, we emphasise the S in Service. For us, NaaS is about more than providing cutting-edge technology for a lower cost. Our NaaS Plans go further, giving you unlimited access to networking experts who you can always rely on to go the extra mile for you.

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Chris O'Leary

By Chris O'Leary

May 15 2024 • 1 min read