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In a world where devices and threats evolve by the day, how do you keep your network running securely? Zero Trust is the way forward.  

Legacy IT infrastructure was designed for a different era, one of tethered devices, closed networks and things that didn’t think for themselves. Protecting the enterprise from outside forces was a matter of securing the perimeter. Mobile devices, hybrid work practices and IoT have changed everything. Protecting a modern IT network needs a more sophisticated approach.

Zero Trust security addresses the security requirements of modern enterprises by treating nothing as safe. A Zero Trust system is constantly on guard, tracking down threats from inside and out, checking and clearing every user and device that tries to connect, and fortifying its defences against new malware.

For the IT professional who people depend on to do their jobs and protect customer data, Zero Trust is a must-have. As with everything, there are various technologies that you can apply to achieve varying levels of Zero Trust. Out of all the options in the marketplace, Qolcom believes that the Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) offers you more.

Aruba ESP with Edge-to-Cloud Security provides built-in support for Zero Trust and SASE security.

With Aruba ESP you have complete visibility of every user and device on your network and full control of the access you grant them. You limit your network’s vulnerability to IoT devices, pre-empt threats and block infected devices, and apply best practices like micro-segmentation for a ‘Least Access’ approach. The same controls that govern campus and branch networks extend to colleagues who work on the move or from home.

Interested in building a Zero Trust Architecture or upgrading your Zero Trust strategy? Qolcom’s team of security specialists is here to help. We’ll help you to define protocols across your network - spanning visibility, identity-based control and enforcement – and address your unique modernisation plans and requirements.

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Scale your digital transformation with reduced costs through Network-as-a-Service

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Chris O'Leary

By Chris O'Leary

May 15 2024 • 1 min read