Get a holistic view with Qolcom Vision

In 2020 we set our developer team a challenge – Build a system that lets our clients manage technology, service and support through a single pane of glass. Qolcom Vision was born.

Being a service-led organisation means that Qolcom is on a constant quest to enhance our customer experience. We were hearing the same things from clients – that anything we could do to speed up response times and give instant snapshots of overall performance would be helpful.

We set about designing Vision - a single place to view all your technology solutions and services from Qolcom, get updates at a glance from easy-to-understand visuals, and access critical support information with a tap of your finger.

Now starting its third iteration, Vision has quickly established itself as a go-to platform for both clients and our own operational teams.

Single dashboard view

Vision works across one or many locations to keep you updated in real time. You enter the platform by choosing a service that’s based around Qolcom's core competencies of networking, mobility and digital workplace. Or you can open a dedicated area for customer support.

The service tiles bring you to a set of dedicated widgets and status updates based on the solution and services that you are using. For each KPI you can drill down to more granular information as you require.

Service excellence through teamwork

Qolcom Vision is a multifaceted system, pulling in the most pertinent data from vendor cloud platforms, setting customer specific KPIs and giving a simple RAG status for each component or query. While you track performance on your side, our operations team monitor the same dashboards and reports so you have an extra layer of vigilance. You also enjoy context-aware ticket creation (through an integration with Qolcom's Service Delivery platform), firmware and security patch notification and management, and licence-renewal alerts.

A Vision of the future

As the name suggests, Vision harnesses imagination to help you plan for the future. This is a system that keeps evolving and expanding in functionality. Customers and Qolcom vendor partners can benefit from the platform as it stands today, in the knowledge that it will keep evolving to meet all future needs. Because the software is developed in-house, Vision can easily respond to client feedback and adapt to changes in market conditions. Live project progress and custom-branded dashboards are just two of the new upgrades that you can start to enjoy.

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