HPE's Acquisition of Juniper –
A Perspective from Keith Reading, CEO, Qolcom

As a HPE Aruba Networking Platinum Partner and WINNER of FY23 Sustainability Partner of Year UKI, Qolcom closely monitors industry developments that impact network operations. Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) recent acquisition of Juniper Networks is one such development that warrants careful consideration. Here is our perspective on what this acquisition means for both HPE Aruba Networking and Juniper customers.

"In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, strategic partnerships and innovative solutions are more crucial than ever. HPE's acquisition of Juniper underscores the significance of collaboration in addressing the evolving AI needs of customers," says Keith Reading, CEO of Qolcom.

Here is a closer look at how this acquisition opens doors for HPE and Juniper customers with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Center Networking (DCN), and Edge Services Platform (ESP):

  1. AI Integration for Enhanced Insights: HPE's expertise in AI, coupled with Juniper's advanced networking solutions, presents customers with the opportunity to harness the power of AI for enhanced network management and optimisation. By integrating AI-driven analytics into their network infrastructure, customers can gain deeper insights into network performance, security threats, and user behaviour. This enables proactive decision-making and the ability to anticipate and mitigate potential issues before they impact operations.
  2. Cloud Managed Network Platforms: Both Juniper Mist and Aruba Central offer cloud-managed networking platforms with AI-driven capabilities, but they differ in their focus areas and ecosystem integration. Juniper Mist leads within AI-driven automation and proactive optimisation, while Aruba Central boasts robust ecosystem integration, scalability and an extensive data lake powered by AIOps. Both platforms empower businesses to streamline network management and enhance user experiences, but the choice depends on specific requirements and strategic objectives. Looking forward to watching the evolution of the HPE Aruba Networking ESP platform.
  3. Data Center Networking Innovation: With Juniper's robust data centre networking solutions now part of HPE's portfolio, customers can expect innovations that streamline data centre operations and improve efficiency. From high-performance switching and routing to software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities, HPE customers can leverage Juniper's technologies to build agile and resilient data centre networks that meet the demands of modern applications and workloads.
  4. Integrated Security Solutions: Security remains a top priority for organisations across all industries. By combining HPE's security offerings with Juniper's advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities, customers can benefit from integrated security solutions that provide end-to-end protection for their network infrastructure. From perimeter defences to advanced threat analytics, HPE customers can enhance their security posture and safeguard their critical assets against evolving cyber threats.

In conclusion, Keith says “The merger presents a strategic opportunity for businesses to leverage enhanced networking solutions, potentially driving innovation and efficiency. As HPE integrates Juniper's technologies into its ecosystem, customers can expect enhanced support and services that streamline deployment, management, and maintenance of their network infrastructure”. Talk to the Qolcom team to futureproof your network infrastructure with the right support. As a platinum HPE Aruba Networking Partner – we have the most certified engineers and pre-sales technical experts in the UK to support Juniper customers on their migration as the organisations merge to become a HPE edge-to-cloud powerhouse.


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Chris O'Leary

By Chris O'Leary

May 15 2024 • 1 min read